Self Portraits and “Us” Photos

Today at Shutter Sisters, they talk about a new e-course on self-portraiture called NOW YOU. Sounds like a class for me. Not because I take lots of self portraits, but because I don’t.

Some people aren’t too conscious that they avoid having their photos taken, but I am. In recent years there have been commercials shown on Philippine TV where the girl avoids having her photos taken. One was a shampoo commercial, because her hair isn’t beautiful. The other is for a slimming pill, because she wants to hide her fats. Well, both of them are me. I really don’t like being in pictures because I almost never look good. Or so I feel.

For a fairly confident and outgoing person, I’m pretty shy and self-conscious.

Maybe this year I’ll get of that particular shell, or shave off that protective layer. We’ll see.

Interestingly, I posted a photo of myself with the boyfriend yesterday. This was a self-portrait of the two of us while we were enjoying the windy and cool climate of Tagaytay City. We drove up about an hour and a half away from home for a very late lunch and some sight-seeing. Smile


Pretty plain and simple photo huh? Snapped with an iPhone, used a filter from Instagram, and tada! It’s not the actual photo that’s interesting, but the reactions it received. Same goes with this next photo:


Still the boyfriend and me. Again, snapped with a phone camera. We were at a videoke just the two of us. This was a little over a year ago and it seems like that was the last time we went on this kind of date. We miss it.

So what was the reaction, you ask? Well people actually took the time to hit the Like button, and to leave comments! What’s up with that?

Over lunch we talked about this in passing – what’s with the interest on our Profile Pics? Well it’s simple really. Both of us share a lot of photos, beautiful ones too (most of the time), but we rarely share photos of ourselves individually, or photos of us together.

We’ve been together 12 years and we’d be hard put to fill album of just photos of the two of us. So maybe we should start turning the lens on us. Photo Project: Us. Like we should start now. Smile

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